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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jul 10, 2017

Video Version here: ------ Paul Sports popped into the Coin Dojo today and was shaken by the Wayne Vaughn/Tierion ICO announcement. Discussion quickly turned to "who's the scammer?" (Everyone) and "what isnt a scam" (iced cream) and of course, "Coin Dojo is dead" . I took paul into my new studio to work through the issues, and what came out - what a pretty decent collaboration on the narrative of Bitcoin, and the maximalists in 2017. See what you think? This is a template for more regular episodes that I'd like to do with less editing than my recent stuff I'm thinking about calling it "Unprotected sex with (Guest Name Here)". But, maybe "Bitcoin Unprotected" or "Bitcoin Uncut" would get more guests on :) anyways, what do you think of this format, want more of this? leave your comments and tell me.