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Bitcoin Uncensored

Dec 18, 2016

Whoo hoo! 9th place: Chris did an intro talk Alex miller does libertarian analysis of the radish economy: Disucssion of last week's Daniel Buchman interview John Travolta weighs in, and a discussion of florida bitcoin events in january Discussion of alpha as a measure of market depth. China is buying more than just bitcoin. Statistical arbitrage, and Numerai. Bitcoin for afiliates according to Bitpay. Bitstamp dips its toes in the unlicensed securities pool. And, coindesk launches its pump and dump guidelines: becomes an affinity scam, Circle becomes a defunct bitcoin provider. Open Bazaar earns 3 million? Trevon James figures out Ethereum is a scam Dmitry Buterin joins the arcade city scam, Charlie Shrem launches an ICO on ethereum, pets on ethereum, jp morgan on ethereum Brian Brendledorf on Epicenter shitcoin Amanda B Johnston thinks dash is a beautiful princess: Moogy doesn't think at all, goes butt to butt on the seaman show: andreas learns about subsidies, and ... farts!