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Bitcoin Uncensored

Dec 7, 2016

Fidel Castro, Paul Puey, Whale Pool, and Francis Coppola retrospective. Junseth proves he's not a scam yet: Meetup, Chris Buys a 21 computer: And a sailbox raffle/scam: Yuval Rooz wins the externality giveaway. Discussion of Renaissance's Medalion fund: Free time in america. (or the lack thereof for you 1%'ers) NEW RULE! 90's Albanian Ponzi scams: Startup funding and exits are down: . Marc Andreessen warns of getting high on your own supply. Bitcoin Report Cards for : Myth Blasters, Andreas, Elizabeth Stark, Bitfury, and .. Kraken. Definately check these Kraken submissions out! Bitlending club - deaded. Ver on LTB. Olivier Jans in Whalepool. And, how to hide $400 million USD: Baked Pasta Party gives us the dark web update. Bitcoin mining in Venzeula... And farting at Starbucks.