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Bitcoin Uncensored

Nov 25, 2016

What week! Surrounded by crazies, we had no options other than to call them down one by one. So let's get started. We start with a brief word from Roger Ver, and Chandler Guo ( Junseth gets raided, Wealth management 2016 conference. Live BU show announcement at the NABC. Onecoin bob gets the boot Tony Swish comes on down! Dan Larimer wins the externality giveaway. Lots of Ethereum talk, including this tweet:, the new round of hard forks. Solidity Bugs, and New ill conceived ponzis: Sex consent chain: , and R3? Tim Swanson? Come on down! Bettina, a new woman of bitcoin: Updates on the factom scam, and shitcoin talk: Roger Ver is doubling down on BU classic. What a take-down by whale panda: Liberland on BBC - story of the Year! (Listen: Sweden and India work on their digital currency initiatives. IRS targets coinbase. SEC targets blockchain. (But really tho, coinbase) And that's it - enjoy your lawmower day!