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Bitcoin Uncensored

Nov 14, 2016

This week's episode starts off with some post election roundup (and a shout out to Paul Sports whose excellent-but-not-exceedingly-long-article-this-one-time can be found here: We sent a mole in to get intel on the Don Tapscott scam. His findings? Too much Skepticism! Alongside tapscott, we found the newest mutable-immutable, blockless-blockchain project! Mr Golden Teeth gets a visitor: . Updates on more florida men. We make surprise phone calls to some would-be craigslist scammers. Cryptsy updates. New users of bitcoin: Kathryn Haun of the DOJ discovers the amazing power of Public Key Infrastructure technology: . Also, she learns you can't imprison bitcoin. R3 is circling the drain - Gendal, Brown and Hearn are now here for.... sharing facts! Brad Garlinghouse takes over as CEO of payments startup Ripple... But what does it mean? Airbitz to use the SEC title III blockchain for fundraising - but, will it pump? Eris rebrands to Monax. Moonero exit scam: . Microsoft to do the Travel industry blockchain scam Fred Ersam doing the Big Vern pump thing: Bitcoin scammer in Dubai: Ginni Remetty goes full retard: . Hyperledger acquires some garbage. Bitxatm invents a new kind of exit scam: Nevada state's pension manager does nothing: . Uses for ETFs. Uses for Technical Analysis. And systemic risk - will you be compensated?