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Bitcoin Uncensored

Oct 30, 2016

VERY IMPORTANT! Please vote on Chezza's prison wallet here: Intro Music courtesy of "The March of the Falsetto's" (written in 1981 - imagine that....) Andreas declares maximalism is stupid (despite no one ever needing an altcoin for non-speculative purposes). David payne clears the table with the last externality challenge, and new externality challenge begins. First raffle winner? emin gun sirer! Emin - head on over to to collect your prize! Crypto Cannibus conference with Chezza, Robert, and BEL was awesome sauce. Doing a Wealth Management conference in two weeks - should be fun. Domi sneaks a rare junseth to the WINGS scam investors. Steve Waterhouse hacked. MGT Capital getting delisted, 21 is pivoting soon, and Ver made a mistake: Zcash scam! Hilary Clinton gets scammed by blockchain. Our interview with Ven creator Stan Stalnaker here: R3 is crashing hard,and fast. What a disaster. Hyperledger is the blockchain graveyard, and Chain open sources their new blockchain scam. (why are people funding these non-profit blockchain projects, when the software doesn't even scratch a programmer's itch otherwise....) Disney Blockchain, Walmart Blockchain, PwC announces the Supply Chain pump. Adam Levine and Dr Stephanie Murphy PhD pout about not being rich yet. Epicenter is full retard: Blockchain, come again. Calvin Ayre gets blockchain right ( Janus is ... well pumpy. ( Netflix gets blockchain right as well. Awesome write-up by Willy Wod: Fred ersam and Brian Armstrong are neck and neck in their dumbest man in bitcoin campaign: Farts about being a landlord... and whether Fart sniffing should be against the rules! Oh, and an excellent rap by trade with dave!