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Bitcoin Uncensored

Oct 12, 2016

E50 - "OP_SCAM" 10/11/16 Cold calling Ned Scott of Steemit. Chris and Junseth are outed as CIA operatives: Discussion on Roger Ver, Block Freight, Very Interview & Hurricane Matthew. A submission to the Externalitiy giveaway, Rare Pepe, the amazing theo interview. Seriously, must watch: Unconfirmed Transactions is seriously excellent: Bitfinit Conference Cancelled (damn) Corrections. News from inside the Dash scam by a Dash Defector: Tim Draper invests in the Factom Scam. Probably because this is what's inside his mind: Peter Nichol is a moron: Turr DeMeester wrote the go-to article for Ethereum skepticism: Griff Green continues to learn nothing: Vice did a great new documentary on Blockchain: : Backpage CEO arrested for Big Pimpin, little pimping, and all the pimping in between. Openbaazar vs facebook and tim berner's one click shopping programs. This totally awesome tweet: Moogie double-downs on pumping: Rethink scams bigchains, and Mega Upload's bitcache thing is ... weird