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Bitcoin Uncensored

Oct 4, 2016

Big episode today! So much to discuss. Before we begin, we have a word with MK Lords (She's undecided, apparently), and introduce the newest god of blockchain "Guhnessis" (I guess that's how you spell it) David Paine wins an externality giveaway. Discussion on Discussion on Charlie Shrem, the rip van winkle of bitcoin. Junseth is fucking around with a little musical skit. Paxful. Getting ready for the scammy's (huzzah!) I wrote an article on ICOs. Talk about how things work "in my country". Some rando Dude goes one deeper at the sauna, and I did not recurse. (but next time - I have plans!) Talk about the success of malware. A bungled explosive purchase. A successful alphabay scammer (well, maybe. tbd) scam. Ethereum scam (Lots of activity here this week) Wonderful article by todd: Talking about scam updates : synereo, zcash, olaf's hedge fund. Jaward's razormind Scam. Bigchain DB. Firstblood hyperledger figures out what it is... it's .. actually no, it's tbd still. But it will have blocks. Maybe. ehhh, probably not. Accenture edit's the blockchain - william moogily oogily continues to stand for nothing. Discussion on Roger Ver and Bitcoin Unlimited. MGT Stock... kind of a weird project. China is speculating a bunch. maybe Some guy gets caught smuggling gold bars in his butt at the Canadian mint. Yep, really. Darkcoin, err dash, gets kyc/aml. Yep Really. Hampton mayo! What a scandal, check through this: James d'angelo kills his bitcoin account, exits.