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Bitcoin Uncensored

Sep 6, 2016

250k listens and a new studio! #EXTERNALITYGIVEAWAY ! Make a funny meme, get some garbage! Blockscam, gupta recap. Remembering our fallen heroes (James D' Angelo, David Seaman) Shinobi Monkee Scams us. Bruce Roundtable discussion (Yes means Anal!). Taaariq goes shitcoin, people getting desparate. Monero Pumps, bloomberg syndicates alphabay PR's. ICO Season! So many new scams. No really, SO MANY. Beanie Babies. Blockchain encounters of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd kind. Bitcoin NYC center closed, rumors on Nick Spanos. Florida Updates including the Handi Tranny, in her little wheelchair. R3 Corda whitepaper - not a blockchain. Ver vs Maxwell and BIP109. Lots of indexing talk. (It's communist! Just as cyril told you) The 21 plan leaked. What a stinker. Srinivasan blocks peer review. Cash money. Bad or good? Remmitance embargo. Bad or Good? Blockchain Art. Bad or good? Matt levine goes blockchain butter. Maidsafe goes scandal: Isabella did a nice piece on DLT's: Elaine Ou does a nice piece on blockchain: (mostly) The UFO sighters draft a letter of action!: Symbiont starts tweeting and hires caitlin long. (Who we know, but can't figure out from where...) Blocksafe is hilarious. Cache this video before it's taken down! Microsoft is hilarious too: My nitrogen bet, and commentary on betting & price: Randsomeware making money, and then there's this guy: Local Bitcoins is the shit. And Edwin gets an evaluation on his bitcoin'ing.