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Bitcoin Uncensored

Aug 25, 2016

E46 - "The Final Turtle" 08/25/16 After a brief weigh-in by Trendon Shavers, we apologize to Tone. Talk about the itBit hack. Out @samirpatellaw as a woman of a woman bitcoin. @brianforde feels the wrath of @blockchainjesus. Going over the week's events (Thanks Alex of Blocktalk! We touch on Ruja 200 and TimTayshun's excellent work on the One Coin scam. Check out this crazy: . Updates on the Amazon Gift Certficate price bubble and the Car Fax blockchain. Updates on the Factom Scam - It's series A's all the way down. But, BnkToTheFuture helps you on your way to the final turtle with FCT and BFX. Gartner says we've officially hit peak blockchain stupid, even the @justmoon agrees. @alaeven of Phillips is walking down from the edge (maybe) The sneaker don, @benjaminkickz is kicking ass and taking numbers. Song credits, this awesome guy: 21 inc? Not so much kick ass. But Gerry O Reilly is mega interesting: Origins of the Troll box NSA Hacks and other conspiracies. The federal Reserve gets a Facebook. Abra .. takes its time. @getkeza opens for business (again) And MGT Capital Investments gets caught slippin'. Audio credit thanks to the awesome: