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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jul 26, 2016

What a show! We start off with some coverage of the Ethereum hard fork debacle, followed by discussion of the tight race between Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam's campaigns for this year's dumbest man in bitcoin. Singular TV goes out to the streets to hear what's the word there on ethereum, the verdict? No. ( Fred wilson goes full retard, and william moogily boogily leads the way: Chris goes on a date. Junseth baptises his church. Everyone's out of jail! Income tax as an interest free loan (groooaaaannn). Hanging out with Mickey Munday. Halving day, and Dash energy calculations. Junseth calculates and defends suititunerty cost. Mr golden teeth corporation. Lots of one coin! Check this: Roger ver's systemic risk. Welcoming the new people. Brief talk on steem (more to come, I'm sure) Blockchain healthcare? Not going to work. The BigChain DB scam is now in the tenth dimension: An update on the women of bitcoin, including a word by none other than Pamela Morgan! Are blockers just women? Tim swanson does a decent write-up.