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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jun 23, 2016

What a show! Ryan Selkis calls us "the TMZ of Bitcoin", and we're flattered to move on up. Let's get it started: The DAO Explodes! Fiery and terrible, but what a show! Here's some links, if you haven't seen them already: - - - - - The DAO responds: . (Kind of a must watch) New ad this week for xotika. Followed by discussion of Perianne Boring's spectacular BU plug. Here's a fun supplemental guide to Perianne BTW: - - - Perianne Rumors included. First hand reporting of the Mitchel Espinoza Trial. tldr: what a circus! We got our glamour shots for next week's South Florida "New Times" feature story (that was weird) Discussions over how IBM makes money. Patents? Discussion with the "Get on CNN Foundation" 's new director. A bunch of factom discussion. Avalon acquired: for a cool half billion. Oregon person/thing fights for their right to not use the bathroom: Laura Shin's "unchained" podcast starts, let the lulz begin. No one wants to buy changetip, the most successful blockchain consulting company in the space. Mempool to the moon, and child pays for parent merged. Marshall long... scamming? getting scammed? Having fun? Sure: MGT capital is going to beat the market ... with liberty! Blockfreight scam, invest today: "Re-wiring the internet for decentralization" is with the mental retardation. IPFS discussion. Getting ready to lift-off. And by lift-off we mean scam. Speaking of scam, amanda B johnson is now shilling with the Dash coin scam #pivot Microsoft's new Bletchley platform is all the buzzwords. And... Trade with dave talks about being a parent!