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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jun 16, 2016

This week's episode starts with a celebration of this weeks earnings. Why's the price up? well, Fenton Resigned. Discussions on our Alex Millar and Gideon Greenspan interviews, along with some discussion of the Orlando Shootings. Mmortal writes a blog post: (read it!) Bettermint? Yes, No, or depends on your gender? Blockstack discussion. Chlie finds free energy, and of course, that's a problem. Lisk? Oh man - full scam! Unemployment Insurance? Probably not a good deal. Coinsilium? Also a bum deal ( Mediachain? Stooo-pid. Moogie's all in, of course. Check these pumpers out: #brazen. Neckerbeard Island hosts a solution-fest, and Laura Shin is its head shill: Maxwell fires off on Ver: This blockchain crazy at the "UK Investor show" Vorhee's shapeshifter update. Bailey Rutzel does great: Amanda B. Johnston, going down Dash Scam road. Stellar romance is over. IBM does artificial intelligence on the blerkchain. Some football player gets scammed in bitcoin. Circle wants regulation, and Casey Kuhlman is a beta male. Oh, and Open bazaar is growing by leaps and bounds: