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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jun 7, 2016

In this week's episode, we talk about the difficulties in buying kkk outfits on amazon, Brian hoffman to the rescue. How it feels to be, empirically, the best/worst podcast, with the hottest CEO in bitcoin: . Junseth goes to nicaragua, junseth gets banned. Alan Koslow launders the money: . Questions get answers. Meltem Demirors explains the importance of TXOs in a blockchain's immutability on this week's "Bippity Boppity Boobs". Tim Swanson tells us what a blockchain is. Ehhhhh, . DAO mountain gets its first outpost: Lots of DAO-talk roundup ensues. Ether gets a prenup dao. Or contract. Or ... it doesn't matter. Fenton tries to censor. (Streisand it bitches: Florida man robs a sheep, gets caught. No one knows what that means: . Putin's right hand man is afraid of dao's, goes on weird rant in front of captains of industry: Fred Ehrsam of coinbase is a moron: Jeff Garzik ... private blerkchains, cure what ails you, much disappoint. Internet of Postal Things: Factom updates, plus this chick: Goldman sachs farts in a crowded room, everyone dies. RE: blerkchains. Exchange with peernova guy: RE: PoW. Inc doess a decent write up on the VC problems: Lots of talk on price action, great article btw: The economist continues its reign of stupid: Gox leaks, what that means. Andreas tells adam Levine what junseth said two weeks ago: " Myth: Immutability is a property of blockchains. Fact: Immutability is a property of Proof-of-Work. Without PoW, not tamper-proof". Plus, a decent show of leadership at some tie event: Discussion of 21. Discussion of Mitchel Espinoza, and blockchain collectibles. "Ferdinando Ametrano", Head of Blockchain and Virtual Currencies, Intesa Sanpaolo is the smartest banker that's ever lived: