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Bitcoin Uncensored

May 24, 2016

This week, "the third spinchter of the Internet" brings us updates on the David Klieman investigation, feedback on the Simon Dixon interview. A new sponser! (#tothemoon!) Junseth bangs-out a notary. Core bangs-out junseth (well, they tried to, at least) First installment of Bippity Boobity Boobs! A discussion on market depth and the SBIR ( Andreas blockity Blocks Bitcoinist. Poloniex... is it going down? Tendermint, priming the pump: . Slock it for Randsomware? The JOBS act, for a better casino? Natalie's Gold scammed itself: Is garzhik going dao? Suddenly, A human-whale-robot hybrid deodand appears! No really! More DAO stuff, more ether stuff. Anthony Lewis of itbit did a great job: r/btc getting scary.... Blockchain Rapists vs Luke, and some interesting talk on UTXOs. The immutable wayback blockchain is valid in court. One coin to the moon! Mycelium crowdfund, Don Tapscotts drops his knowledge on blockchain music. OMNI guy's moon ambitions curtailed; . Fred Wilson? Still having a go at them: . Free will is fart talk: A hero is born! Behold, perpetual motion! And then there's this guy: