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Bitcoin Uncensored

May 11, 2016

This week's episode starts out with a stake-out, where we discuss anal cancer, yet more sexism in bitcoin, drama at the mining facility: . The ROI on your college degree: . LTB explains blockchaining your music: . Reviews of William Moogily Boogily's new book. Greg maxwell says "Fuck the haters" . IBM Wants everyone to quantum compute. Probably on their blockchain. Winklevoss pumps the ether. Testing digital cash: . tldr: it works! Time travel! Discussion on David Klieman, and a report on our day investigating "the real satoshi". AWESMOE PODCAST! . Talked about Buzz Spacedout: . bovada. Digital Currency Group. Andrea Tinianow of Delaware. University of Northern New Jersey: and the liberty reserve guy. See you next week!