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Bitcoin Uncensored

Feb 16, 2016

This week's memorandum of understanding starts with a report on the IMF's reaction to BU. Tldr: "Unreal". Junseth confronts the county prosecutor in Church: Tldr: "unreal". Blockstream raises 55 million. Leanne Kemp blockchains all the diamonds. Andreas Pumpanddumpalous says no to ISIS coin. (Well, maybe) BU has an open call for a cameraman (are you unreal enough?). Big input transactions. Charles Evan's new project (Ledger Journal). Stock market myths. Satoshi rountable. Suzanne Templehoff's teritoryless nation ambitions. Thoughts on women and their value. (Hey, it's valentine's day, and this is a money show - what'd you expect) Martin Shkreli pops into the dialog for a bit. Factom issues a "Memorandum of Understanding". And their new website is scaaaaammee. Billions of blockchains for the bankers (as usual). Bigchaindb announced. Valve takes bitcoin. Ether gets an ATH (but alas, nothing unreal). Fenton explains wealth (and hats, I guess) Coinbase jumps the shark. Garzik's space program pivots to... yep, consulting. Bitcoin transaction volume ath. Overstock... doing a bit less worse. Open Bazaar does a checkout. Great scam this week on Kohl's: . New DNM report, looking good: . Preston has a decent tweet: Discussions on Bearer assets. Discussions on Counterparty: And discussions on Drop Zone. The last word with tradewithdave... and, The mass has ended, go with Jose Canseco, in peace: