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Bitcoin Uncensored

Feb 10, 2016

We start this episode with a recap of the scammys, followed by discussions in Bitcoin Core, the state of the lowly Hedge fund news trader in NYC in 2016. A brief history of "Alan X" (aka Paul Snow pre-factom). Michael Terpin's first fundraise: . Answered a question for stocism. Imogen Heap wants to create blockchain files: . (But with the Virtual Reality). Kevin Spacey weighs on blockchain: . Blythe Masters explains it to him: (in basic terms that he can understand). Blockchain gets a crazy: . Saifedean Ammous wrote a great article, check it out: . Discussion over the definition of blockchain. Milo yiannopoulos writes. Processors lose money on double-spends, Hal finney weighs in on mining. Bitcoin classic was sybill attacked: (hah!) Gregory maxwell writes some awesomesauce: Stephen tual starts a new scam. Zero Coin gets its first mention (yep, a scam). Paging mr jensuth... Discussions on the Miseans and the and Martin Shkreli. Cryptsy justice gets real! Ehhh, No it doesn't. What's the differency between Liberty Reserve and Tether? Sheep Market guy got caught... maybe? Draft Kings is deaded. And Armory is deaded. So, there's that.