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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jan 11, 2016

This week's *awesome* guest is @joepoppi1804 of BSU who talks about his work in regulatory compliance and risk analysis while in Tallahasse (It's way more interesting than that Sounds). Having been inspired by his work in the field, I attempt to get a license to sell Crack in North Carolina with ... mixed success. The Usual Bitcoin round up follows with updates on Cryptsy, Mike Tyson, Satoshi's dark market ambitions (I'd suppose). Dick Smith is an actual gangster, who actually hurt people: (Though really, they asked to be scammed) Fred Wilson ... still searching for his killer app. Ryan X Charles says he found it (i'm skeptical). BitX is trying to hard (just be yourself man). Michael J Casey gets mixed reviews. Guard time? Gets an F. Tierion? Still #1. Tom Clancy sticks his toe in the water, Tony Arcieri FTW! . Ethereum counts its money. Lisa Cheng pumps it pumps it. Bankers are Blockchain Animists. Chris DeRose Trolls for Gold. Symbiont... yeah, maybe. And Brian Hoffman is a step behind, as always.