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Bitcoin Uncensored

Nov 24, 2015

Chris Talks about Bogota, Abra (not-yet-public info here - eat it up, nom nom nom) Synereo's a bust, updates on bad ideas ( open bazaar ) and outright scams (factom). Oh, btw - here's the referenced factom url: . Gemini rolls back, Adam Levine will believe anything you tell him, Bitshares pivot? I guess? Riverboats - a wholesome American scam. Freedom as an externality. Chit-chat is fsking active. Assets are being scooped up. BTCC is getting for-real about confirmations, Shift card? more like... (you know, for your butt coin) . Ethereum gets an update (mana say what now?) BTC Jam scams Fenton. Private blockchains go herp-a-derp. The world goes cashless, hashrate is up, rootstock goes... weird?