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Bitcoin Uncensored

Nov 7, 2015

This week's podcast features none other than Nobel Prize winning economist "Eugene Fama". Listeners to our show probably need no introduction to his credentials, but as the father of the efficient-market hypothesis - we had plenty to discuss! After Fama is our normal discussion of all things Bitcoin and Counterparty, which this week includes: GUERILLA marketing and Counterparty demographics, Bitcoin's price activity, MMM, Changetip does a pivot... maybe. Swanson talks "database technology" (the technology behind permission butts)and nanok's rebuttal: Jaime Dixon, Izabella Kaminska farts (they smelled ok this week)Voxelus and Coindaddy (well that was awkward) , Nobel Prizes and Satoshi, and this year's Tiger Direct Tech bash. Party on Party people! Oh, and we're starting a business. That too.