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Bitcoin Uncensored

Feb 29, 2016

Join us in this week's interview with FT Alphaville's own Isabella Kaminska regarding the need for Blockchain in today's settlement systems (or the lack, thereof), Bitcoin, Sergey Mavrodi, and the general nature of accounting systems and finance. NOTE: The audio quality gets much better at about 10 minutes in!

Feb 23, 2016

This week we interviewed none other than the reclusive mining genius, Organ of Corti! Neat guy, check out the "Neighbourhood Pool Watch" if you haven't already:

Feb 21, 2016

In this special edition of Bitcoin Uncensored we get to the bottom of Tendermint with its lead developer Jae Kwon. Let's see what this blockchain project is about, how it came to be, and what Jay brings to the exciting and limitless "cure whatever ails you" potential of Blockchain.

Feb 16, 2016

This week's memorandum of understanding starts with a report on the IMF's reaction to BU. Tldr: "Unreal". Junseth confronts the county prosecutor in Church: Tldr: "unreal". Blockstream raises 55 million. Leanne Kemp blockchains all the diamonds. Andreas Pumpanddumpalous says no to ISIS coin. (Well, maybe) BU has an...

Feb 10, 2016

We start this episode with a recap of the scammys, followed by discussions in Bitcoin Core, the state of the lowly Hedge fund news trader in NYC in 2016. A brief history of "Alan X" (aka Paul Snow pre-factom). Michael Terpin's first fundraise: . Answered a question for...