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Bitcoin Uncensored

Mar 8, 2017

Special Guest Host: Ricardo "Fluffy Pony" Spagni A word on Junseth, and the future of BU. (Without Junseth) Recaping the Local bitcoiner trader, replay of bruce wagner's admission. Fluffy talks alcoiner conspiracies: Thailand updates. Blockchain Deaded? Awesome interview with Jack Shaw on Blocktime Swift don't care about blockchain. Paypal don't care about blockchain. Eris? Donated to the hyperledger trash bin. R3 starts the Whitewash. Big whiteswash. Streisand effect big: (And : IBM's immutable 4 node blockchain. and early IBM Blockchain initiatives: MD Anderson ditched the watson buzzword Krebs on Security gets mega scammed (well, almost) Dash pump is on while the master nodes ... not so much. Maybe. Charlie pumps the dump pump on NPR. Says bitcoin not so great maybe. Bitcoin dont care, and mega pumps Peter todd on bitcoin crosschain relays: New Craig Wright patent Bitcoin Unlimited , hashrate, ponzi and segwit. Farts with fluffy pony. Chris justifies his non reit decision Nice guys in security. Subjective consensus. and... what is an altcoin?