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Bitcoin Uncensored

Feb 22, 2017

Oh boy, second episode from Thailand! Ping pong shows, visa regarb, Cigars vs women. Thaildand Tobacco Monopoly. Cockfights and ladyboy bars. Russian money laundering scam. Bruce Wagner the scammer : gay orgies, big spending, censoring control freak. Bangkok bitcoin meetup. Jay Berg recap, ancient Chris DeRose history video on r/bitcoin. Lol. Diamond hoax of 1872. Linguistic Relativity. The history of Seven Eleven. Tim fucking swanson discovers 2013 chris and junseth. Calls it "Chainwashing". 21 pivot and updates. Venture capital : Active management success? Fred Ersam Surfs the next big wave: VR! Get your money out of poloniex's leverage program. Do we really care about trump administration bitcoin picks? ETF Talk. Junseth Dumps his Pump and Pump. Intro courtesy of @mikeinspace!