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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jan 7, 2017

Donate to the Jose Yaquinta children of Venezuela Scam Here: 1Ez5rF8kMr5sn8TMjqLUA3E45yEcxnBfTJ This week, We kick it off from our yacht with talk of the price action (Hey it was at the very top at the time of this recording, we're allowed to scam ourselves too) Purse plug, Discussion on Niagra Falls, Chrismas Gainz, Scammy updates, Revisiting the Shrem Interview. Revisiting the Tommy Economics Interview. Local scams. The Junseth Decentralized Identitity program. ID God. Hello Africans. Coming up in florida: Bitdevs nyc, NABC, and the hackathon. Chris' Travelling schedule. Shoutout to Andrea O Sullivan. Coindesk annoyances. Haters: Swanson, Vitalik, Brian Armstrong, & Zooko. Externality Giveaway, who won? ! Lots of farts on : government efficient, Gift Certificates as regional currencies, P/E ratios, Negative Earnings as a public utility, and the Female ETF economy. Thoughts on love and trailer parks. The end!