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Bitcoin Uncensored

Nov 9, 2016

What a strange episode! We started this one assuming the election would be a snoozefest, and got totally distracted halfway in. So, what' we've got today is roughly this: John McAffee Hires brian fenton. The merits of Voting. Jeffrey Robinson writes a sex novel about The Donald: Zookowilcox wins the externality giveaway! Zcash ... might just be a ponzi. Vitalik on reddit says code was never law: Barry Shillbert farts in elevators. Swanson goes on a blockchain rampage. Disney blockchain guy weighs in, and we leave the sewing to the women. Discussion of some new minor scams, Unocoin guy shows up (sunny ray) ... we like him! Junseth's got an affinity scammer at work, and ... All of a sudden, a wild Donald appears! Discussion with Paul sports over what just happened, followed by a discussion of how to run a BU party at this year's NABC. And, well, that's it this week!