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Bitcoin Uncensored

Sep 21, 2016

Pepe as white Nationalist symbol, followed by offensive music performed by a minority, about minorities. Repping Schwag by Athena, and announced the winner of the first externality giveaway, David Payne! New Challenge, tag a Woman of Bitcoin, and make us laugh : Looking forward to Thursday Night with Charlie Shrem (get ready for a live stream!) Geeked out hooker offers us a $40 package deal. (Oh look, a pun!) Now syndicating on Discussion of past guests. Discussion about our appearance at Swanson says the community embraces us : . Jackson Palmer is a tool: , Epicenter Bitcoin pivots. Still buying views. LBRY is an obvious scam. ASX is a scam waiting to happen. Ethereum governance is now a failure. Certainly Ethereum chess is dubious: Krypton... what a disaster. Do they want peer review? Still a negatory. Brian Ford gets fired. Bitwala fires alts. Caitlyn tries her hand at conspiracy bingo: Bloomberg says blockchain's not adding up: Jessie baker says blockchain is for Tuna. Yes really. Isabella Kaiminska lays the smackdown. Also lays the smackdown on Simon Taylor, who continues to not answer our messages about coming on BU, despite publicly tweeting that he would. Mutable blockchains invented. Huzzah we've regressed to database! Francis Coppola is quickly catching up to Isabella: The Coinbase secret master plan is eerily similar to vinay's nth-ordering system of blockchain encounters. Bitcoin Unlimited, and iffy thoughts by Ver. Florida News: Paxful( Liberty ATMs, and my cousin Gary gets the stick-up. Variety Jones found. Continues his campaign of Weirdness. This post: #alprazolam #thisnew #opsec Local Bitcoin volume. Stories of winning: r/relationships knows bitcoin haschek knows bitcoin, know bitcoin, r/todayilearned knows bitcoin... Does Deloitte know bitcoin? Well, they opened an ATM. So should we consider Bitcoin an Investment? What about RAREPEPE? Yes: Discussion on Counterparty and asset names. Bitnation.... still stupid. But apparently preceded by... Antartica! Zcash is frigging weird. what a disaster. Maybe Nic can save them?