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Bitcoin Uncensored

Aug 16, 2016

So blab scammed scammed us. Sorry everyone who was planning on participating! We'll figure something new out. Intro song by Bitcoin with attitude (Thanks BWA!) : Death Threats From One Coiner Will Stuart of Miami Florida. Kick requests by Charlie lee, the man who leaks insider information at Coinbase to his brother at OK Coin. My painter trades crypto currency now. Black People Money. Mitchel's case appealed! Are you, or are you not a currency! Chris gets insider info from Bruhstradamus. New to our cannon, arrives the youtuber who coins the term: Nig Fish. Open Dimes are cool. Discussion on D'orio. Listener comments (Paul sports, I-Bonds) Bitfinex discussion! Lots of it. California Bitcoin regulation. Bitcoin Fungibilty with Gregory Maxwell. Talk about the takara game. Hampton Creek scam (this was clever. Was it legal?) DDoScoin is killing it: But not like this RAND study is killing it : (awesome report!) Check out this 14 year old: Welcome to Bitcoin! New segment with Moogily Oogily and friends. New articles from the women of bitcoin: * * * Ethereum's runway is ending closer than I thought. And What is a market?