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Bitcoin Uncensored

May 18, 2016

William Moogily Boogily gets an intervention: , Junseth goes to canada, and gets a test drive. Updates on the Craig Wright investigation, Blockchains without UTXO pools? Probably not Immutable (Gideon, Insert comment here) Discussion with Andrea Tinianow, DARPA, and well, not with Core. Bigchaindb? "Prime Example of Blockchain Bullshit" Blockchain Funding exceeds bitcoin funding, but the Blockchain butters are getting louder. Lending club going South, Vitalik invents "subjectivocracy" (something to do with UFOs). Vanbex is the accenture of Blockchain Consulting. Putting the pieces together with Abra. Hedge Funds to the Potato. Bitpagos making us proud. The DAO - full retard. Block Stack might make sense, but won't make money. Don Tapscott makes no sense, but might make money. And the good reasons? Why the SEC is delaying the ETF. Oh and DCG and R3 got weird fast.