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Bitcoin Uncensored

May 4, 2016

What a week! Let's do it.... James G'Angelo calls us for what we are: . A moment of silence for Andrew Jackson. Craig Wright (of course). Consensus 2016. Rockstar and John Smith taught us how to buy heroin and smoke crack. Andreas talks about PoS. Liberland announces their monetary policy. Piachu continues to not understand economics: . Ethereum continues to understand stupid. Paul Brody explains free energy. Stephen Tual calls out the haters ( Darpa goes full retard: . Fermat is a full blown scam, but Tatiana Moroz and Adam B. Levine say otherwise. Mycelium fundraises... scam? well... Brian Forde releases his album on the blockchain: and ofnumbers' newest article ain't half bad. Oh, and bitfury might have 25% of the mining.