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Bitcoin Uncensored

Apr 26, 2016

This week's episode, join the other bitcoin podcasts in creating its "final episode". (or does it.... Are they making a show about our podcast? Chris gets busted by an offduty cop. Meth girl monkey externality ( (is she a dao?). Tom standage of the Economist espouses the wisdom of twelve year old finance (no really) Is money every anything but information? Greg maxwell indicates that "not invented here" lightning network is probably a better scaling solutiong than sidechains. Droplister runs the best campaign: how shapeshift was hacked. Gideon is doing better on his journey up the mountain. More discussion on pay per head and gambling. Plus, new bitcoin users on their way to the mountain: When is a paper dollar no longer a dollar? Is it when the serial numbers are scanned? What's a daml? IBM uses ethereum because you can't buy drugs with it. Swift learns to do the blerkchain. This startup, featuring vitalik: Business insider shows the economist how to journalism: And, a libertarian rant.