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Bitcoin Uncensored

Apr 13, 2016

Hey everyone - *Reminder* to Vote in the Coindesk awards! (Bitcoin champ: Billy the escort. Startup of the year: Onecoin. Most significant technical Achievement: Blockchains without the blocks. Most Promising Consumer Application: Hats.) Ok, on with the show. Junseth is too offensive for himself, setting a new bitcoin record for recursion: Difficult discussion about the XCP Pump. Chris And Junseth go to a sex party. Junseth gets kicked from Synereo for not playing oracle pokemon. Open bazaar and Child Porn based bible sales cause the crazies to revolt. This guy hits the record button (sweet) . r/bitcoin stats? Not so hot: is actually a good thing). Voting is dumb for the same reasons growing tomatoes is dumb. (Unless you're into that kind of thing) Blockchain fever hits disney. R3 goes Herr Durr on message passing, Ripple says blockchains are for public applications , Matt Levine says blockchains are a sociological improvement, Ripple says blockchain may not actually save money. Chi-X says blockchains are bullshit. And Don Tapscott says "What's a blockchain?" Erik Voorhees runs a boiler room, and hedgy gets into the (surprise surprise) consulting business! Hyperledger is going to be HUGE! But no one knows what it is other than a buzzword worth paying to be a part of. Intel introduces Proof of Elapsed Time. Eris .. to the potato? Droplister wears a suit. GREAT tip-off on new bitcoin users (Hint: bookies!)Gambling is hot right now, Overstock... not so much. Oh, and IBM wants to bring artificial intelligence to blockchain. Blockchain will achieve sentience!