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Bitcoin Uncensored

Mar 22, 2016

What's up party people! This week junseth kisses my butt. No really - we went on and had a blast. You'd probably like to see that video - but you can't! That's how cam girling works. Well theoretically at least, cause there's this: We'll be doing it again this weekend, day/time TBD. This week's guest is Ben Strubel of who discusses active investment strategies, bitcoin and the stubel index We are not alone in the universe: Lisa Cheng experiences the rapture of BCJ: Adam levine is buying listens. So is Epic center bitcoin. Daily Decrypt girl gets her first butting. Evan of dash admits to the instamine: Do 90 % of bills carry cocaine? Ethereum promises millions of infinite transactions, and in return receives the hopes and dreams of sixteen year olds across the world (paid in BTC). Lisk made stupid money for saying the b-word. (The good one, not the bad one) Teambrella wishes to be so lucky, though as of yet - we're not impressed. Boost was impressed, I'm sure. In fact, here's a video of a blockchain VC talking about his favorite things: Ronco Tanning Bed coin, blockchain time machine. RS Coin. Uphold? scammers. Blockchain at the Energy Committee hearing? Scammers. Decentralized DNS - eh... maybe. I bought something in bitcoin: , and scammed nintendo. Maybe. Best video I've seen in a long time: The fake real Nick Spanos: Ping21 . XCP mangles a press release. Told ya so: and Brian Armstrong gets ta thinking.