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Bitcoin Uncensored

Mar 15, 2016

What's Champipple? This week we start with a discussion of the roots of anarch-millinery, the couch as a side-chain, Vitalik's Quantum mining pitch (Yep, here's where your etherbutts got started: Sam of Open Bazaar learning what a search engine is: The MIT bitcoin expo, staring the five minute "not a blockchain anymore" R3CEV speech: . The San Francisco conference was an outer space circle jerk-athon. (Jerk it now, jerk it furious!). 8btc fishing for scams, Chronicled is a well funded sneaker notarizer. Midasium is ... misguided. HOPE credit union busted. Blockchain... great spreadsheet? Yeah, that'll sell: . Is genesis project a scam? Did we buy counterparty votes? Blockbuster: Yep , still in business. Luke Dash Jr? Here: . Bitcoin classic - still not dead. Litecoin? Well, might be dead. Knitting Supplies? No. Bedeho gets his dick wet: . Tiffany hayden got weird. Batshit belle got her weird on the telios. AB's in a weird spot. Itbit is scammmeeee. BTC Jam? Deaded! And, how to hack the fed via the Bangladesh central bank. Oh, and definately Check out Droplister's 2nd episode of "Unconfirmed Transactions"