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Bitcoin Uncensored

Dec 28, 2015

Merry Takanakuy! And welcome to Who got scammed? Chris - by Macy's... or ex-girlfriend. Not too sure. Bitcoin bowl! Inadvertant standards vs R3CEV ( Buttcoiner's explain themselves for the newbs. Consultants... are definately newbs. Let's rant about income tax. The scourge of Wall Street chose a very ironic name. But can he blockchain? Swanson said no. Chris writes for Coindesk. ( Bad article of the week: Bad architect of the week: . Jeff Garzhik is the new Bruce Springsteen (no really). Notarizing your sneakers? Playboy says yes! (No really) James D'Angelis goes Chicken Little. Junseth loses (wins?) stupidest man in bitcoin this week: . Santa brought us presents: Will Factom finally start to get accountable? "Call it even Fenton" says "No". Halving day discussion, users of bitcoin up and r/bitcoin down. Onecoin? Scam. Bitfury? Well, merely scandalous. And let's get the whitehouse to intervene!