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Bitcoin Uncensored

Dec 21, 2015

What' s up party people! This week's episode features none other than Monero's fluffy pony to discuss his project (Is it a scam?) and ... Ethereum/Bitcoin/Proof of Work/Bronies. This episode starts off with some drop zone coverage. The perfect gift for your kids: , why is junseth so salty on bad projects, Blockchaining your toilet (yep - really: Eris Industries sponsors epicenter bitcoin, College? Scam. Tusk and Terrance McKenna. Also - Chris defeats the evil fungus. Soulja boy gets scammed ( Junk bonds without a market price? NPR says Blockchains are sex (and they're right) Homeland security wants you to mine their chain - how can that go wrong! Microsoft is here to help you fail quickly with Blockchain as a Service. Fintech is regulatory arbitrage. Ripple Trade? Deaded bro! SFYL. Bitcoin Foundation? Not much farther behind. Interest rates up - libertarians down. Ver scams himself, and drak ... well, it was good while it lasted. Overstock notarizes their performance: down 50%. Peter Todd gets scammed, Cointelegraph gets scammed, and Merry fucking Christmas!