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Bitcoin Uncensored

Dec 14, 2015

Price pump and transaction jump. Lazooz? Still stupid. SEC vs the twins. Visa tries a wallet - the winner? @stoicism wants to know how fungibility differs from anonimity. Kaminska lays the smack down (on Chris, not Junseth #stoopidftw). Scaling Bitcoin: Fucking excellent. Tone Vays: Content Whale. (Ignore the haters bro)Maxwell is about to hit Nirvana. YC catches up to 2014. bitbond : way behind. Nova coin? Deaded. Ethical mining - fine/yawn. JT Money gets schooled by THE FED. Overstock hoists a half a billion dollars onto our chain. Local Bitcoins is popping. SEC and crowdfund rules are ... kind of a waste. Microsoft loses its private key (SFYL). visits the mountain. New hampshire requires a license to sell bitcoin. (but what about the sheets!) The saga of New Satoshi and Batshit belle. Bruce Fenton never has a bad word to say about anyone. (except for Junseth - no one likes him) R3CEV discovers regulatory arbitrage. Kleiner Perkins discovers the brave new world of "databases". Swift ... makes nebulous hypechain announcement. Dow and Dupont get gay married. OpenBazaar releases a beta. Counterparty assets popping. And ... that's it for this week!