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Bitcoin Uncensored

Dec 7, 2015

Yo yo yo! It's Black Santa. (Is there a black Chanukah Harry too?)Coindesk says suits out - anarchists in. Bitkong is the shiz & let's talk about Blockchain gambling. Vitalik turns 19 - discovers EMH. Next up - disproves himself? Oppenheimer makes you, err itself, money. Barbados and island efficiencies in finance. La Bitcoin and Scaling Bitcoin. Premiums for Bitcoin Investment Trust. Blockchain marriages: not a religion. McDonalds Monopoly game scams. Bank of England internship. Adam Levine loves to censor. Also is going to solve the terrorism problem, but with twitter chain. Bitmarkets vs Drop Zone. Josh Garza is a scammer. (Big surprise!). Bitcoin professionals learn ... well, mostly nothing. (I'm looking at you Blythe and JP Morgan). Visa is learning blockchain - hot! Cryptsy story is developing. Ruben Alexander is back in business! Junseth and Chris go to FIU to discuss job tokens and censorship. Paxful brings more women into Bitcoin. Drak talks to Blockchain Beach. (Despite being interrupted by a user of Bitcoin). Speaking of - Variety Jones is in the can. Maidsafe weighs in on decentralized vs distributed. Counterparty hierarchial assets is heating up, and Scott coin makes history. Stuffchain has a bright future and... Does Larry Salibra live in a wheelchair?