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Bitcoin Uncensored

Nov 30, 2015

Chris vs the Earthquake & Recap of Columbia (nice place - 10/10, would bang). DAO's are a 16-year old idea. Replace-by-fee : thumbs up. (thank-you Peter!)Scams and sports( Why do I care about encryption bans? NYT covers Swatting and unintended consequences. Google makes money on ... information. (Mortgages, this time) Art finds BitGold at the RaceTrac. Imogen Heap finds... all the things. On the Blockchain. (Sigh - take away her b-card). Track your fish dinner .. on the blockchain! (SIgh - take away her b-card). Bitcoin companies distancing themselves from Bitcoin (SFYL). "The world's top bank weighs in on digital currencies (BIS)". Visa does too (Bitcoin FTW!)Gideon Greenspan starts to backtrack. Hoes down - Bitcoin difficulty up! ELITEHUNDRED: & . Nicola called us pussies. DOSers gunna DOS. Fungibilty with Blocktrail and the FBI. Moar Randsomware. FOX covers isis, but with Bitcoin. Symbiont updates. Rootstock and sidechains vs Bitcoin. Michael Terpin.... shame on you! Abra Updates. Abra Levine. Estonians can now... notarize? On bitnation? (Can Americans too or not? WTF)Whale club. And Vorhees: We didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the...